Sunday, March 10, 2013

Coffee...A Metaphor of Life

The warming rays of the sun filtered through the blinds at my window.
In the quiet of the morning, a bird called and another answered.
Slowly, the earth was waking up.
No phones ringing.
No cars running.
No kids yelling.
Just the peaceful quiet of the early morning.

In the stillness I can hear His voice.
I listen closer to hear His words.
"Come, my child. Awake," He says. "The day is new."
I fight the temptation to just lay in bed; I lose this one.
The bed is warm and cozy.

"Come, my child. Awake," He says again. "The day is new."
I groan. Warm, comfy bed or the cool of the bedroom.
Some choice. Slowly, I stretch and slide out of bed.
"Okay, Lord; I am up," I yawn.
"Good morning, my child." I imagine His smile as He looks at me.

Like any parent looking at their child, their sleepy smiles, He just smiles.
His face is filled with love and compassion.
I am His child who He is so proud of.

"Wake up, my child. It's a brand new day, and I will meet you in the kitchen."
His voice is quiet as He speaks.
I yawn again and go about my morning business.
As I make my way to the kitchen I find myself more awake now, and ready for coffee.
I grab a cup and fill it with coffee, wanting to add the milk.

I pause as I hear His chair move slightly.
"Did you know that coffee with milk is the same as a life with Me?" He asks.
A little early for a coffee/life metaphor but I listen as I glance at my coffee.
"Coffee on its own is dark and and can be bitter." He continues.
"But once you add the milk, it lightens. Its flavor is less bitter. Its color brightens."

 Reaching in to the fridge, I grab the milk, thinking on His words.
Life with Christ is dark, bitter. It seems to be missing something.
Add the milk, Christ, and it seems brighter, more pleasurable.
I think that adding a little sugar helps as well; adds a little sweetness as well.

I put a teaspoonful of sugar in my cup, stirring to dissolve it.
Then pour in a little milk and watch the milk swirl.
Our lives can be filled with such darkness, that we can only hope we find our way.
I small dot of light can give us a glimmer of hope.
As we focus on that tiny spot of light, it begins to grow and gets brighter and brighter.

Jesus is that tiny dot, that hint of light in our dark worlds.
The more we focus on Him, the brighter our lives get.
What was once a dark, lonely world, has now become a bright and joyful life.
Where we once cowered in the corner, so afraid, we walk away from.

God wants us to walk away from that dark corner.
He wants us to open our hearts to the limitless possibilities a life with Him has to offer.
He wants us to hear him.
God is waiting for us.
He has already been knocking at your door, and patiently waits.

Simply reach out your hand, reach for His hand.
Hear His words of welcome: "My child. I love you. You are mine."
My heart smiles at these words.
"My child," He calls. "My child, you are Mine. I love you."
He repeats Himself to make sure we hear.
"I love you, you are my child."

Some people will spend their entire lives in that darkness.
They miss out on the best love in the world, the best thing that is not even of this world.
My heart is sad, as I say these words to Him, "My Lord, please forgive me...."