Monday, April 1, 2013

A New Month ... Welcome to April

Greetings, my friends!

I am so happy to say that we have our stove fixed! This past Friday the man came and fixed it so we can now cook again! I was absolutely thrilled about this! Then Sunday came along.

Our stove is still doing great but Sunday, Easter Sunday was just an all-around better day. We had a great service at our church and afterwards, J-man told me that while he was in his class - the Warehouse - he asked Jesus into his heart! Thrilling does not begin to describe this for us.

This is something that J-man was really thinking about for quite some time. In his class, his teacher, Miss Melissa was leading the class in a prayer for those that wanted to accept Jesus and a total of 5 kids did! J-man now wants to teach his little brother everything he knows about God and Jesus. He sits and reads his bible throughout the week, a page here and a page there. J-man will find something that catches his interest and we read that whole story. He loves it and so does T-man.

The best thing about this - for J-man - is that he can now carry Jesus with him wherever he goes. He was beaming for most of the day yesterday. So were we, his parents. ;-)

Welcome to the world's best and biggest family, buddy! (He thinks is pretty cool - B.I.G. family!)

God's blessings