Thursday, November 14, 2013

"I'm going to put my money on Jesus..." Phil Robertson *Updated with link

Ok so I just finished watching a video on YouTube a bit ago and it drew me in.  I have a strong need pressing on me to share with you. Not sure why this happened at 12:01 am but when the need is there, so will I be.

The video that I watched was one of Phil Robertson aka Duck Commander from Duck Dynasty speaking about Eternal Healthcare. I'll tell you that that man can really bring a message. The video is just over 26 minutes long so it isn't a quick view but I am sharing it with you anyway. I pray that you will be blessed with the time to listen.

Phil is the man behind the Duck, so to speak. He is the man who started the Duck call company. He is a "low-tech man living in a high-tech world." He is a simple man who was not always the man that is known and seen today. He used to be... wait for it! Phil used to be an immoral, drinking, cussing man. This was before his wife of now 49/50 years turned his heart to Jesus.

As Phil will tell you, he married Miss Kay when they we 14/16 years old. Through all his sinning, Miss Kay had found Jesus, waited on Phil, brought him to Jesus and together they have raised 4 boys - Alan, Jade, Willie and Jep - who also love the Lord with all their hearts.

In the midst of the various hunting seasons, they are raising the grandchildren to be Godly people as well. The Robertson's are very close with one another and do many, many things together. For all the typical - and some not-so-typical issues that come from having siblings, they are deeply rooted in family. On their show they are shown sitting at the table together, Phil says a blessing aka a prayer and then Willie will briefly speak about whatever it is that they would like to showcase that week, such as feeling with family can be rough but they are family and you love them no matter what. One episode even shows Willie and his "senile" uncle as they affectionately call him, Si (Silas) being handcuffed together for a day! Yes there are some story lines that are played up and acted out but the way they portray themselves is real.

Sorry, as I have digressed from my main thought here. Anyway, this video was recorded in California at the Saddleback church. Please take the time to listen. Phil does ramble (why does that seem so familiar to me? (-; ) but take time to listen.

 Go to YouTube and look up ( it isn't letting me post a working link, SORRY you have to physically type it in) * UPDATE with link: *

Duck Commander Phil Robertson Talks About Why This Country Needs More Jesus

"Physical death is coming your way. It's a problem; you can't fix it. Now you're fixing to pay out the nose...You're going to live or die with or without Obamacare. ... I'm trying to get you to get in to the Eternal healthcare - that's FREE!"

Abba Father, I thank you for the freedom to choose you. Thank you for the many blessings that you have blessed us with. Thank you for men like Phil Robertson and his family, who are on tv and refused to be censored when they speak of you. We need more that that!
Abba, I pray that my friends and family will be blessed with the time to watch this video. Phil is a simple man filled with your spirit and heart, Lord. I pray that You may be seen in this man as people view this video. I pray that it stirs their interests and they crave finding out more about you, Lord. I pray that friends and family will all have good days tomorrow - or today - and be get a taste of the blessings that you bestow upon them on a daily basis. I pray that their eyes may be opened to see you, that their ears be opened to hear your voice and that their - and my - mouth be opened to speak of you and share your free Eternal Healthcare that Phil shares in the video. Thank you Abba. Through Jesus's name I pray, Amen!

Have a great and blessed day, my friends. May you one day look upon the face of Jesus and be wrapped in His loving embrace as you enter through Heaven's gates. Like Phil, I am putting my money on Jesus and I pray that you do as well. 

Love to all,