Thursday, December 12, 2013


Can you believe that we are into December already? Neither can I! With December comes the season of The Rush. Everywhere people are rising around, trying desperately to find those gifts, search out those decorations and other assorted things needed for Christmas parties, New Year's gatherings and everything in between.

Christmas lights. Christmas cookies whether store-bought or homemade. Gifts and wrapping those gifts. Decorating the tree and your house. Running to this store and that store for the perfect presents. Last minute store runs for those pesky forgotten items for your party or for gifts that somehow were overlooked! Making sure that everything is in it's place and that your house smells just right. These are all things that come with the Winter season. Cleaning your house like a madwoman in an effort to unconsciously go insane in preparation for whatever upcoming festivities that you have planned. Running out the door 5 minutes late (or longer!) to get to those important parties/gatherings that you may not really want to be at in the first place. Too little time spent at those places that you do want to be at because you spend so much time running around like a chicken with her head cut off!

Whew! I am nearly worn out just from typing that out! Knock, knock. (Who's there?) Gasp! (Gasp, who?) Gasping for breath much? ~I know that was sad.~ I have news for you. Slow down! You aren't any good to anyone if you can't catch your breath. Breathing is a necessary part of life, a main entree that we find ourselves skimming/skipping over at times in our mad rush. Do this with me now: Deep Breath In. Slow breath out. Deep Breath In. Slow breath out. Close your eyes and picture your favorite peaceful place to be. That special place that you have in the back - or forefront - of your mind, where you always feel refreshed and at peace. Imagine that you are there for a few minutes. Find that peace and tranquil place that I know you can find and, if for just one minute, relax.

Open your eyes and think of who can you bless by having a clean house, filling someone's tummy with food that they might otherwise not have. You could be blessing someone with a safe place, a comfortable haven where they can just sit back and relax. You want your home to be a place where people walk in and "smell" the comfort. You could bless someone with just a cup of tea or coffee and some teacakes or cookies to go with it. You could bless someone with a companion, a friend.

Anywho.... Have a very, Merry Christmas, a healthy, Happy New Year. I wish you love, happiness and laughter. Quick prayer for ya'll.

Dear Abba (Papa),
Thank you for blessing us with our friends and families. Jesus, thank you for being the Reason for the Season. Abba, thank you for your love and grace. Dear Abba, please bless my friends and family and show us how we can be a blessing to others. Give us the strength and courage to get through this Holiday season and to bring Your light into this dark world. In Jesus Name, Amen.

Merry CHRISTmas, my friends.