Monday, August 24, 2015

As Summer Draws to an End, School Begins...Again

Has it really been since March since I last posted anything?! Wow. This Spring and Summer have been on the crappy side. I'll catch you up here and then hopefully as we get into the School Routine, I'll be able to post more regularly again.

We had planned a Road Trip out west to see the Grand Canyon this year for our vacation. But as fate would have it, we needed to replace our Grand Caravan which had a failing transmission. We found an insanely-awesome deal on a 2014 Jeep Patriot. Vehicle taken care of! Boys getting along in the vehicle ultimately caused us to cancel these plans and scramble to find a beach house if we could, in the OBX. This cancellation ended up being a blessing, so to speak so we were home when we got the phone call.

On June 11, My husband's cell phone rang and we were told that his father had had a stroke. He was in the hospital with the right side of his body having been effected. He was losing the ability to speak and mainly speaks gibberish. He's been through the Rehab Facility and has been moved to a Nursing Home. He is at the point in his rehab where he is able to go outside in a wheelchair and I'm told that today he even wheeled himself - one handed - down to the lunch room. This is big news! He is also able to have family members "sign him out" and take him to their home if they should choose to do so, but the strength that is needed may be the ultimate decision maker. I'm sure that my father-in-law would love to get out the the Nursing Home but I honestly do not know if that will happen as of yet.

Jeremy had 5 teeth, mainly adult teeth, surgically removed and then had braces put on. He takes after his daddy and has crowding so the teeth were a necessary removal. He has been doing remarkably well considering dealing with pain is not a strength of his. The surgery-recovery did not go well as he spent the entire day and most of the night physically ill and bleeding.

Trevor had an expander installed to expand his upper jaw line since he has severe crowding and his jaw overall is too small. One front tooth was on a 45 degree angle and the other was set back as if it was in a second row, like a shark. Jeremy and Trevor both had this done at the beginning of July and I am happy to report that already Trevor's twisted tooth is straight and the one that was set too far back is in line with where it should be. He now has the wire put in for his upper braces (only) to pull the teeth into position. As he gets older the bottom teeth will also be having braces. Even though he has quite the mouthful of baby teeth, the braces were necessary due to the tooth that was set back too far. The enamel was going to be worn off and the tooth itself would have been damaged because of it's position in the mouth.

We had begun work on remodeling the family room, which was too large a space for the majority of the year at the end of Spring, I believe. I could have that wrong though. Either way, we now have a 4th bedroom downstairs. That is the new Master Bedroom. Jeremy will be moving into our old room once we get it cleaned out and painted, for which he is anxious to have completed. Trevor will be moving into Jeremy's current bedroom once that is cleaned out and painted as well. He is excited because his current room has the attic access and therefore, no ceiling fan, and the smallest room. Trevor's current room will be an office/play room/library. I think it will be anyway.

The 2015-2016 school year begins on Wednesday, August 26th.  This year we have Trevor's pencil box filled and in his new backpack, ready for 3rd grade. No debacle like last year where I had forgotten about it and was not prepared at all, so he only had his filled pencil box on the second day of school. Both boys have chosen the Messenger bag backpack style and are excited. They are not however excited about actually going to school. They are looking forward to seeing friends, eating lunch at school, recess and that is all. We do not know who Trevor's classmates are yet and will find out on Wednesday. Jeremy, however, is in class with Xander and Connor. This is the first year since Kindergarten that the three of them have been in class together. They are now in 5th grade.

In other news, we've been relatively healthy, aside from the normal, little summer colds. We did get to the OBX (Outer Banks, NC) for a week and just got back yesterday afternoon. The house we rented was in Avon. Mariner's Rest is the name of the house and it is on the canal and overlooks the Sound. We spent the week at the beach, on the Sound, crabbing, laughing, eating ice cream, watching movies and sunsets, more crabbing, having a beach fire and looking for shooting stars and Ghost Crabs, dodging skeeters (they are nasty little night buggers this year) had more ice cream and crabbed again. It is always bittersweet to come home again. Once I am home, I like being home, but would still rather be at the beach. Everything just seems better at the OBX. Joel does not mind when the vacation is over and is happy to be home. This year, this morning in fact, I realized how poorly lit our house is. The house is not situated at the right angle to properly light the house up with natural sunlight. But it is home, and I am happy.

I hope you all had a wonderful and less eventful summer than we did. Or at least a happier eventful summer.

God Bless and Lots of Love,