Sunday, May 19, 2013

I'm Still Here!

Sorry I've been gone for over 10 days!

My husband made it to Germany/Prague safely AND back home again. He had a successful trip for work. We missed him so much but were able to Skype with him just about every night. The boys even were able to watch 2 movies with him! We are very glad that he is back.

I was going to work on a new post last week but on Wednesday morning about 10:40 or so, asking if we could go to the school to pick up T-man. He had fallen on the playground and annihilated the left side of his lower lip, causing it to split in 5 spots, all on that teeny little lip. Both knees were skinned and his left cheek, upper lip was scraped just a bit as well.

As you can see from the first picture, he really tore his lip up! In the second picture, the injury on his left knee is on the inside, so you can't really see the bandage. His right knee was torn up so much that the Band-Aid is too small. It's a very large bandage!

I posted these on facebook and asked for prayers. Thank you so much for those of you from there who have been praying for healing. Continued prayers for his lip especially would be very much appreciated. His scab on his lip is very crusty and honestly, it looks like someone put scotch tae over that torn side.

On Thursday, I took T-man to the doctor to get  him checked because he started to throw up. Just like I thought it was, he was just sick from the entire experience and the fact that there was blood and pain. I remember the times that I have had such injuries, it makes you feel physically ill. The doctor put non-stick pads on with the Neosporin with the pain medicine to numb the pain. Then she wrapped it with the non-stick wrap, the kind that will supposedly only stick to itself. Needless to say, he was home from school this day.

Friday he was back to school. You should have seen him climbing up those high steps to get on the bus. Keep in mind that he could not bend his knees well at this point. He made it on the bus and through the kindergarten morning just fine. He was very ready to come home when it was time. After school I needed to change the bandages.

No sweat. They are non-stick wraps. Non-stick pads. Well....

Guess what?

Yup, those wraps that were very cute, stuck very tight to itself, AND to his skin. Luckily, the non-stick pads did not stick to his knees. Now, my son has always had strong lungs. I did not know that he could scream like he did as I tortured us both by removing the bandages. I felt physically ill, like I was going to pass out. I can only imagine the pain he was in!

I was bawling like a baby. He was screaming at the top of his lungs. Outright. Screams. I have NEVER heard that sound from him before, even last year when he buckled his collarbone. He was crying very, very hard but no screams like this. It sounded like someone was cutting him open, stabbing him AND ripping his legs off, all at the same time.

His face was both pale and red. I haven't seen that before. Didn't know it was possible to be so pale and yet so red at the same time. I found myself praying for him to pass out from the pain, because it took FOREVER to get just one bandage off. I asked if he wanted a break before I started torturing both of us again by removing the second bandage but he told me, "Please just get it over with, mommy." Bless his heart! I tried every possible way to use the teeniest pair of sewing scissors to cut the bandage off but the bandage was on so tight and stuck to him so much it wasn't possible without cutting him.

After the bandages were both off, I was holding him and he was shaking. His screams were dying down but he was still sobbing so hard. Once he finally relaxed enough to watch his cartoons again (they were on the TV this entire time - about 45 minutes or so!) I left the room and had to lay down with a cold rag on my forehead because I thought I was going to pass out myself. I knew that if I stood up or had to stay upright holding T-man, I would have gotten sick on him and/or passed out with him on my lap.

To give you a reference point here as to how long this torture was going on, I pick T-man up from school at 11:40 am and the time that we were both calmed down, it was pushing 1:00 pm. Neither one of us wanted any lunch until about 3:00 pm so it was a very light one.

T-man's left knee is nearly healed. It has the bright pink new skin but it is past the scab stage. His right knee still needs a scab to form. We do need to let it air out more to help the scab form. A problem we have with this is that when he is either outside or at school, it needs to be kept covered. This does not help it heal quickly. It is still a bit painful to him, especially when he needs to bend that knee. That is still very difficult for him.

His lip is awful looking still! At first we thought it was just 2 splits, but turns out that it is 5 splits. That is a very small lip to have that many splits. It is very nasty looking. The scab that formed is very solid and a slightly disturbing color. His cheek is nearly healed and his upper lip is healed completely since that wasn't badly scraped.

I ask that  you will all please pray for his continued healing. His right knee and especially his poor lip. That lip is ripped up, y'all.

God's blessings and good will to you, my friends. I pray that you all have a great week and lots of laughter in your daily living.